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Nakhlan poultry company is a leader in broiler chicks and pelleted feed production and a name got a good repetition in producing hatching eggs and day old broiler chicks. Nakhlan poultry company established in 1991 as a specialist in rearing and production of broiler chicks. The first step was with importing hatching eggs from different sources to be hatched in Nakhlan company hatchery and market locally. The second step was establishing parent stock projects (Broiler Breeders ) to produce hatching eggs to cover the demands of local market with best quality chicks depending on breeders of good performance competing with other companies started many years before Nakhlan company. The third step was establishing the first feed pelleting plant in Yemen to provide Yemeni poultry market with pelleted feed
Besid providing local market with hatching eggs and broiler chicks and pelleted feed Nakhlan company supplies raw feed materials and veterinary medicines as agent for VAPCO , disinfectants as agent for Cidlines vaccines as agent for Merial vaccines in Yemen, and poultry production and rearing equipments.
The introduction of modern equipment and dependent on highly qualified technicians in the different production sites, and after many years of experience in poultry industry Nakhlan poultry company successfully entering to international market exporting Hatching eggs.

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